Build your own virtual student clubhouse

The first community platform built specifically
for student organizations.


Enterprise tools don’t work for student clubs

Students are still stuck using enterprise project management and communication tools that feel unwelcoming to them.


"Tools like Slack and Asana are too expensive for student organizations with monthly per-user pricing."

Gyumin Kim
Yonsei University


“Platforms such as Notion require hours of custom work, and have an unwanted technical learning curve.”

Brian Miller
University of Wisconsin Madison


“It’s hard to keep track of all the single-use apps we have to use like Zoom, Discord, Drive, etc.”

Stacy Lu
Chinese University of Hong Kong

Created for students, by students

Dongari is an online space for your club to easily access a suite of productivity tools designed specifically for students.

Keep everything in sync

Organize all your group’s events and files in one place.

Create a workspace

Pick and choose the collaboration tools you need.

Build a community

Cultivate an engaging online space for your members.


Keep everything in sync and all members up to date

Access a shared calendar, file library, photo gallery. One single place for your group’s entire digital footprint. 

Create a workspace with personalized collaboration tools

Assign tasks, manage finances, onboard members.
Pick and choose the collaboration tools you want.

Build a community by engaging with your members

Post announcements, create chatrooms, open polls.
All the communication features your club needs.

Specific tools for Specific clubs

Every club is different. That’s why we build tools tailored for specific student needs.

Student Council

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Sports Team

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Music Group

🎟 Ticketing

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